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 [Short Story] The Other

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PostSubject: [Short Story] The Other   Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:54 pm

The Other

Chapter 1: Opposites

A strange thing flashes out from behind some lava. It’s nothing like what I know and see. Part of the thing is a strange color. The part seems to be trying its best to contrast with the lava. I shall call it…aval. The thing moves again and I catch a good glimpse of it. The bottom half is…a bit darker than the upper portion of the thing. I need another name…agal. I continue looking at the thing and its movements from my perch in the ceiling. I am hidden by the shadows. The thing starts to show intelligence. It uses something like the pigmen hold, but curved, to dig into a mountain of netherrack. Soon, the thing, no, creature, is out of sight.

I launch off of my perch and inspect where I had first saw the creature. A sound emanates from behind a smooth wall of netherrack. I spit out a small sphere and it crashes into the wall, knocking it down. I am rewarded with an amazing sight.

Black material, almost as dim as the darkness, cuts through the light given off by fire…on the walls? I float closer, and see the fire is suspended in the air by a thin thing. The color is almost like part of the creature. How confusing it must be to have so many colors on one’s skin. I decide to name this color as well. Lavel. I use my limbs to grab onto the ledge. Half of them make an effort while the rest stay dangling underneath me. As I pull myself closer, my body slides under a lavafall. I pause for a second and let it warm me. Then I continue pulling myself to the ledge.

I gently place myself down after getting there and use a tentacle to yank one of the fire lavel things off the wall. The black material gives off a noise only seconds after I look at the fire lavel. I glance at it and notice that it’s glowing. A close look later, and I can make out a thin purple liquid filling the inside. The light everywhere almost renders it invisible. I crawl closer to it, very curiously, when tendrils fly out of it and grab me.

I try to break their grasp with my own tentacles but they just keep advancing. I shriek in pure fear as the tips of a few of my tentacles plunge in and disappear. My friends shriek back and tell me to hold on. I manage to do so for only more seconds before the tendrils drag me into the liquid.

Chapter 2: A New World, an Old Ending.

Whirling through space. The sound fills my ears. And then with a pop, I am dumped out. I hear strange noises everywhere and a small thing flies by me. It emits strange noises, the complete opposite of pigmen. The sound is high-pitched, even more than my own shrieks, and concise.

I float around or much time, I don’t know, when I notice the amount of light is lessening. It’s a completely new experience. The Nether never changes. I continue observing the environment. New colors everywhere. New organisms. I observe them from a distance and when I approach, they run away with their…limbs? Four relatively stiff limbs. How do they manage? The light disappears completely and I see a stretch of land illuminated in the distance.

I approach and see more organisms. They are very strange and I feel a very strange aura emanating from them. I look a bit further and see a great building. It is…so much more than what the pigmen ever make. The material is something new. I launch a fireball to check my guess. The material stays intact, and in fact, seems to have absorbed my attack. It glows just a bit from the heat. I launch another one attack and the transparent material shatters into bits. So the materials are not all immune to my attacks.

Suddenly, I am yanked downward. I look down quickly and see four new organisms crowded under me, the black ones with the white material that is pulling me down. I call over to them and try to tell them I mean no harm but they ignore my shrieking calls for the most part. The grey beings shoot projectiles at me. Even in this state, I can’t help but admire how sleek and quick they travel. The admiration disappears as the things pierce into my flesh. As more of them continue to fly toward me, pieces of my flesh are torn off by the impacts, the sharp points ripping through.

As I wrenched closer and closer to the ground, detail emerges. The one that resembles the organism I first saw in the Nether starts jumping up and trying to reach me. When it finally does, I am already extremely bloodied from the projectiles. The resemblers begin to tear me apart with the ends of their limbs. I start to cry. The black beings continue to reel me down. Finally, I am dragged to the ground. The fourth beings walk up to me. Their faces implement fear into me. Frowns. I’ve only seen that every black rock.

I hear the cries of my people back in the Nether for a split second.

Then all goes black.


Credit to JamieMin0r for half of the plot.
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[Short Story] The Other
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