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 [Short Story] A Hero's Sadness

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PostSubject: [Short Story] A Hero's Sadness   Mon Feb 21, 2011 2:47 pm

Jamie told me to post it here. Go blame him if it's in the wrong place. :3
Also, Minecraft Fan fiction.

A Hero’s Sadness

I simply appear. Nothing flashy. No building, no lights, not a single thing out of the ordinary. Just a respawn. This makes six deaths now. I start to trudge home when I remind mind myself that night is still out. Along with the dangers it brings. I walk fast. A decent pace and more quiet than running.


An arrow impales itself into a nearby tree. No! Why now?! I would sprint away from the skeleton but it stands in the direct path to my house.


No time to think. I run at a diagonal route, taking me dangerously near the skeleton. Still, I need to get home. If I had looked, I would have seen the skeleton with an arrow ready in its bow. Waiting. A detour would waste too much time and I sprint with all I have. An arrow flies through the darkness.

There isn’t the sound of the arrow hitting a wall or the ground. It sunk its tip into my thigh. I let out a cry, refusing to die silently. The abomination walks closer, smiling at me with its eternal grin. The moonlight reflects off of the bones, making them seem to glow. I start to black out from the pain when something happens. Only parts are seen from my pain-induced state. An arrow ready to be released to end my life. An arrow in flight. The bow knocked to the ground. A dagger drawn but broken by a shining sword. And then the skeleton falls in front of me, still grinning that smile as it fades away.

A hand appears in front of my face. I look up to see its owner. A strong man with eyes filled with bravery. I pale in comparison. His hair is rough and it is blown by the cold, snowy winds. Stubble covers his chin. I take his hand and struggle up.

“You just respawn? Here, take my sword.” He speaks briskly, wasting no time, and goes right to the situation at hand. I take the sword and glance at it. It’s shiny, iron perhaps? I was always killed after I found iron ores. Then I realize that he is still waiting for my answer.

“Yeah, I got killed by one of those green things. My house is in the west but that skeleton got in my way.” My voice is shaky from both pain and fear.

“A Creeper, eh? Yeah, those things can really sneak up on you. We’d better get to your house so we can fix up your leg. I don’t want to get ambushed.” He hoists my arm in his shoulder. The pain is relieved, if only slightly.

We make it back to my house without any events. I wince both from pain and embarrassment as he looks at it.

“Not bad.” I would sigh if he wasn’t so close. We get inside and I have to sit down to avoid my knees buckling out from under me. Through some very painful procedures and plenty of screaming, he manages to get the arrow out. He tells me to rest and I manage to fall asleep through all of the pain.

Part 1: End

I walk back toward our house. It’s been a few months since I was saved by Darien. It had been years since I had anyone to tell my name.

“Darien? Nice name. Mine’s Bryan.”

He’s taught me all I need to know and more. Our environment, our food sources, our tools, and our enemies. I readjust my grip on the bag of logs. We go out to harvest wood every once in a while. I’m about to turn the corner of the mountain to our home when I hear voices. Foreign voices. I take a few steps back and gingerly place down the logs. Then I sneak back to the corner and peek around it. Five people in cloaks. Huddled in a circle, discussing something. I can see points poking out of their cloaks. Swords.

“Hey Bryan! You done harvesting trees? Where are you?” No! Darien rounds the corner, shouting for me. Unaware. He’s smiling but it drops as quickly as rain when he sees the five people. They quickly arrange themselves in a line and draw their swords in a casual position. Little effort needed to switch between offense and defense.

“Darien of Parchejix, I presume?” The one in the middle speaks in a raspy voice.

“You cannot presume anything, you filth.” Darien answers in a cold tone that surprises me. I’ve never heard him talk like this.

“Arrogant words from a man WHO IS DEAD.” Darien’s eyes narrow and he tries to leap forward to avoid it. The sword from behind still catches him. I can see the blade emerge from his stomach. No. No! NO!

I burst out from hiding. The feet of the first person are swept out from under him. The second receives a kick to the chest. The one who attacked Darien rushes over to help them. I intercept his strike and rip the sword from his grasp. I hear some things break.

The sword goes into a slashing frenzy. I manage to calm myself down to the point of control. Only one person remains, his cloak splattered with the blood of his allies. I raise to sword to finish him when he quickly sprouts out words.

“Wait! Um!...Bryan! We were simply hired! We have no personal grudge!”

“WHO?! WHO HIRED YOU?!” My voice is unrecognizable, taken over by rage.

“We, I don’t know! We got a letter with gold! Here! Take the gold and letter! Please spare me!” He withdraws a package from his cloak and throws it at my feet. I kill him. The anger is finally spent and I run over to Darien. Tears start streaming as I see the blood lost. He manages a smile and weakly wipes some tears from my face.

“Look at you…All grown up…I thought I told you that crying makes you vulnerable.”

“No…No, no, no, no. You’ll survive. I’ll…find a way.” I manage to choke out the words in intervals.

“No…This is the end…My spawn is very far from here…I don’t think that I can make it back here…Just…Just do one favor…For me.” His voice is getting quieter and the pauses between his words are longer.

“Anything.” I can just make out his face through my tears as he gives me his final request.

“Make me a grave…Remember Bryan, you are a hero to me.” Our positions are switched. Instead, he is the one looking up to me. But I can’t save him. His hand goes limp in mine and I cry harder. Time passes. Seconds. Minutes. Hours. I compose myself and get a shovel from the building. It’s no longer a house. It’s no longer ours, nor is it mine. It contains memories that I can no longer feel happy recalling. A hole gets dug and I gently place his body into it. I fill it up and step back to look. It isn’t a grave. No landmark. I take some nearby soil and make a small pyramid. It’s the best I can do in this wrecked condition.

I remember the package. Walk over to it. Pick up. Break seals. Find paper. Unfold. Read.

Hello Brotherhood. I expect that you will be groveling over the gold that comes with this letter. I will give tenfold more of it if you killed Darien of Parchejix. He is located at the nearby mountain in the south. Look for a house built into it. Kill him and bring proof of his death. Give it to the messenger and you will receive you gold. Do not fail or you will face the consequences.
~ T.P.Z

Brotherhood and T.P.Z. Two names. I will avenge Darien. I will hunt them down and they will die at my hands.

Part 2: End

Many Brotherhood members die at my hands. I don’t even know who T.P.Z. is. My thirst for their blood only grows. I find them with tidbits of information, eavesdropping on conversations, hearing rumors, and other things. All while being invisible. No, I am not truly impossible to see. I do not disappear. Instead, I block myself from society. Nobody knows me. Nobody recognizes me. Even if they do notice, they see only a visiting wanderer. Essentially, to people, I am invisible. A nobody.

But I suppose that brought my downfall. Slowly, my life of “Search and Kill” takes its toll on my humanity. I detach from my body. My reason, avenging Darien, fades away and dies along with my memories. I only have two purposes for my existence. Find T.P.Z. and Brotherhood members. Slaughter them. Painfully. I notice the toll on my mind but do nothing. Day by day, I fade further from society, truly becoming invisible to all. Week by week, I show less rage, or anything, while killing units of Brotherhood. Blood no longer has meaning. Just a wipe, and it’s gone from my face, or wherever it is. Month by month, I blank out more often, and wake up in a completely different place. There is always a pyramid next to me. And then, year by year, my conscious fades as well. Everything that makes me humane starts to tear away from my body.

I try to prevent it but I can only slow it down. One of Darien’s lessons come back to me. “Make the most out of life. That way, you won’t regret anything.” It’s too late to avoid regret but I can at least have a personal win at the end of my life. Recall memories. Bear the pain, remember the joy and perhaps keep my identity. I start leaving a sort of calling card when I kill Brotherhood people. It’s nothing much. Just to let them know who they are dealing with.

I am the Hero Bryan. I will find you. You will feel Darien’s pain. Start regretting your life and pray.

But there is a problem with that. I don’t truly believe in it. Do I believe in it? Am I truly a Hero? No. I don’t think that it’s true at all. But it’s all I have left from my life. Fate didn’t want anything from my life. When I found out, I died for the seventh and final time.


One second, I charge into battle, screaming, “The Hero Bryan will have his revenge on all of you!” The next, I hear rumors in town about Herobrine. Brotherhood fighters scream that name as they flee. The only connection I had to this world was butchered. Everything I have shatters into pieces.

“Remember Bryan, you are a hero to me.”

My mind, my spirit, and my soul all cut their lines away from reality. I float aimlessly in space, a void of blue that stretches on forever.

Who am I really? Bryan? Not anymore. A hero? I never was. The Hero Bryan? A grasp at reality. Herobrine? Maybe I am now.

Two blobs of something rise up so that they have me in the middle. I glance at them for a second with a sad, tired look. I look away. They close the gap between them, encompassing me. Well. This is it.

But fate refuses to let me rest with Death. I’m dragged through space and time. The first thing I see is the clock tower. I’m back at the town where I heard of Herobrine. Then I see that I am in the air. I’m suspended there. I look down to see the cause but then see the flames.

What’s going on?! My being responds and I swoop down to the person who caused it all. Me. My body of flesh and bone. It. Him. Arrows are spread everywhere yet I see no blood on their tips. I see blood on his hands. A sword glints in the sky, a mix of iron, gold, and diamond. A teenage boy runs up with it in hand. He brings it down with skill and power but it merely passes through my body. What!? I thought that my body was made of flesh and bone but it seems that it has exceeded physical existence. It’s an entity now.

My entity, the entity…is simply “It”. It turns its head and I scream both to myself and to the adolescent boy. My screams echo in my mind. I have no effect in the real world. NO! RUN! GET OUT OF THERE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!

Humanity no longer exists in that shell of my body. The pupils have completely disappeared, eaten by the insanity that has planted itself there. A blank expression has replaced my usual frown. The teenager whimpers and falls down. A puddle is formed from his urine. Then his blood joins it. His beating heart is in the hand of the entity. The sword is gone, thrown somewhere unknown. And then, as if bored of this chaos, my body runs off. It’s a leisure run, not a sprint of hurry. I follow from above.

He continues to run. I continue to follow. He stops, I do as well. He scares explorers, sometimes killing them, and I watch in pain and sorrow. That is what I do now. Look at my body bringing death and fear to all. This is the result of my hate. Do not take the same fate as I did. Avoid it at any cost. I hope that you never meet me or my body. We are both monsters.

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PostSubject: Re: [Short Story] A Hero's Sadness   Mon Feb 21, 2011 10:27 pm

this was my favorite of them all
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[Short Story] A Hero's Sadness
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