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 Want to play some video games?

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PostSubject: Want to play some video games?   Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:54 pm

Got a thing for games? Nobody to play with? Have no fear, Physics are here.

At Damned Physics, we practice only one Religion; gaming. And you can sure as hell bet we're going to enforce it. Ever had times where you've desperately wanted to go through a campaign marathon with some friends? Ever been troubled with not having a team to go into multiplayer with? Want to go creative and act out a Machinima? Damned Physics gets this. So that's why we're going to organize this well. Find some new or old friends on DP and invite them to a game of your choice in this thread. More info can be found in that thread.

There is only one thread to be used to invite players to join you in your digital experiences. Anything else will be locked. We're going to be light on this, but repeat offenders will have some consequence for their actions.

Damn you Physics!
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Want to play some video games?
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