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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Tue Feb 22, 2011 6:37 pm

Here at Damned Physics, a minor ranking system is implemented. Read on for a brief showing of the levels one could be. Remember the following things, however:

-Your rank means nothing. With the exception of Moderator and Admin statuses, one rank does not have any control over another. Nobody will judge you based on your level, and those caught in the act will be banned.
-These are here for FUN. If you aren't happy about the leveling system, tough luck. These are here to add a minor level of flavour to our dish. No complaining, please.
-Don't ask for a higher rank. This isn't something to get to serious about, just frequent DP and you'll eventually gain a higher rank. Moderator applications can be sent in it's respective thread.
-Ranks are subject to change. "Cap" may also be lifted. We apologize if you get put down a rank due to minimum post changes.
-If you spam threads or make mindless posts to get a higher rank, you will be banned. Try us.

Without further ado, the ranks!

Novice | Minimum 50 posts

Reclaimer | Minimum 100 posts

Redeemer | Minimum 200 posts

Emancipator | Minimum 400 posts

Liberator | Minimum 700 posts

Preserver | Minimum 1000 posts

Saviour | Minimum 1500 posts

Precursor | Minimum 2000 posts

Adjudicator | Moderators

-Power to lock threads, create announcements, ban members, etc.

Arbitrator | Administrators

-Administrative duties and rights, along with all mod powers.

Damn You, Physics!
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Ranking System
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