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 Damned Physics Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Damned Physics Forum Rules   Mon Feb 21, 2011 12:21 am

1. We control everything.

- Do not impersonate others (with your posts or user profile)
- Do not advocate cheating or griefing behavior.
- Political or religious discussion is prohibited.
- When creating new threads, please be sure to post in the correct forum. Do not post off-topic in any forum or thread.
- Do not use the public forums to run contests, solicit donations, barter or sell items/services, or advertise anything at all.

2. You have no rights.

- We reserve the right to remove you from the forums for any reason, but probably only if you deserve it. You agreed to this when you created your account.
- Ban lengths are not necessarily identical for users who commit the same offense, context and the user involved matter. Nobody cares about your forum title.
- If you disagree with a moderating decision, send the Moderator responsible a message.

3. Play nice, don't be a jerk.

- Use common sense. This is a public website. Keep your posts on-topic and "safe for work". The further you stray the more you'll tempt a ban.
- Respect your fellow members, or at least tolerate them publicly. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, even if they probably deserve it.
- "Spam" is prohibited in any forum other than The Black Hole.
- Do not post about any illegal substances or activities.
- Do not post false information or mislead other forum-goers. Yes, even if it is funny.
- It's alright to use vulgar words, but don't go overboard.
- New threads should encourage a discussion among the community; please be mindful of that when you create threads.

An Arbitrator has spoken. Go get 'em, kids.

Damn You, Physics!
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Damned Physics Forum Rules
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