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 Rules System

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The Dragon

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PostSubject: Rules System   Sat Mar 26, 2011 5:17 pm

Ok my basic idea is to have a stat line like this;


Combat skill is your ability in close combat

Ranged skill is your ability with ranged weapons

Strength is used to work out if you can lift something and how much damage you deal in close combat

Toughness is your resistance to damage

Initiative is your reaction speed

Attacks is how many times you strike in close combat

Courage is how brave you are.

each Characteristic will have a value from 0-10 with 10 being highest.

when you start you are given 20 points to distribute as you see fit, send me your choices in a PM and I will fill them in for you.

when you need to test against a characteristic (except for CS, RS or A) roll the characteristic test die.

If the dice is equal or under your characteristic, then you have passed. If it is greater than your characteristic then you have failed. (note: a roll of a 10 always fails and a 1 always succeeds)

Depending on what you were trying to do you, if you fail you will suffer a relative consequence.


You want to lift a heavy boulder out of your way, so you roll the Characteristic Test Die and compare it to your Strength characteristic of 4

You roll a 7 on the die, you have failed the action and pulled a muscle trying.your S and I are reduced by 1 until you can see a doctor.


In close combat the participants fight in initiative order, from 10 to 0.

if a participant is killed before his I level is reached, then he does not attack.

participants with the same I value attack simultaneously, so even if one is killed first he will still be able to attack back.

Each participant gets a number of attacks equal to his attacks value (surprise surprise) he may split these between any available targets.

for each Attack roll one Combat Die and add your CS, the defender does the same and the two are compared.

If the attackers is highest then the defender takes the difference, minus his toughness, plus the attackers strength as damage.

If the defenders is highest then the attacker takes half the difference (rounding up) minus his toughness plus the defenders strength as damage.

If they are equal then nothing happens.


BOB is fighting JIM.

BOB is CS 5, I 6, A 1, S 7 and T 4
JIM is CS 2, I 4, A 1, S4 and T 6

BOB goes first because he has highest I.

BOB rolls a 4 and adds his CS of 5 for a total 9

JIM rolls a 3 and adds his CS of 2 for a total 5

JIM takes 5 damage (4 - 6 +7)

JIM now gets to strike back.

He rolls a 1 and adds his CS of 2 for a total 3

BOB rolls a 6 and adds his CS of 5 for a total 11

JIM takes 5 damage ((8/2) - 6 + 7)

After each round of combat, the participant that took the most damage must take a characteristic test on their Courage. They will count their C as one less for each C test they have already made in this combat.

If the test is passed then the combat continues, if it is failed then they will break from combat and take damage equal to the opponents S times A minus their own toughness.

If they survive then the combat is over.


JIM is C 7

He rolls a 9 and fails his test.

He takes 1 damage ((7 * 1) - 6)


in ranged combat the shooter takes a number of characteristic tests against their RS equal to the number of shots in their weapons profile, If the test(s) pass then the shot(s) hit, if not they fail. If the dice roll is a one then the weapon jams and may not be used until it is fixed.

if any shots hit then they do damage to the target equal to the weapons Strength minus the targets Toughness.

Weapon profiles are as follows;

R ST SH Notes

Range is how far a weapon can shoot

STrength is how powerful each shot is

SHots is how many shots in each burst

Notes are any additional notes


Any damage you take is taken off of your HP bar, if the bar empties then you are dead

If you die you may create a new character but will lose all your previous items (unless you can find and loot your old corpse before anyone else does)


completing certain tasks will earn you experience, this is added to your EP bar, when the EP bar is full you increase your level by one and get 3 points to distribute to your stat line (notify me in PM)

You also gain experience in fights, for every 10 damage you do in a combat (ranged or CC) you gain you 10 experience

I think ive covered it all.

What do you think?
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Spud Nuggits

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PostSubject: Re: Rules System   Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:12 pm

If you have a stat of 10 for one of your checks and you rolled a 10, wouldn't you succeed, since its equal to your stat?
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The Dragon

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PostSubject: Re: Rules System   Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:45 pm

good point, ill put a max limit on stats to nine.

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PostSubject: Re: Rules System   

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Rules System
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